Skill Quality Coach

Amazon Alexa announced Skill Quality Coach (SQC), a personalized guide to help skill developers build high-quality skills on Alexa

MOOCs, Boot Camps and such

Running list of completed Massive(ly) Open Online Courses, Boot Camps etc.

Data Science: Analyzing crime stats in Seattle and San Francisco

Analysis of criminal activity periodicity, geospatial distribution by district in R.

Data Visualization: Tree Cover Data Viz over Indian States

Visualize tree cover over Indian states for years 2009, 2011, 2013

UI/UX Assignment: Rapid Prototyping to Redesign Mobile Experience for Non-profit

We go through multiple rounds of low fidelity prototyping and user testing to redesign the Mobile App for Susan G. Komen.

Data Visualization: Inflation, Trade and Unemployment from 1960 to 2015 visualized

Key economic metrics geospatially and temporally visualized with D3.js interactive web app.

Assorted Web Projects

A few web-projects I've worked on. to-do list, chaos machine and your life in weeks. All responsive to mobile.

Design Assignment: Four Squares & Wicked Problems

Exploring the classical "Wicked" Design Problems in expressing complex ideas through Four Black Squares.